Fixing History

Last month, I did an article on Word of Mouth called “Could Someone Repair Our History?” I was concerned because the Broadway Building, aka the Spitzer Hotel was falling apart. Literally. There were large cracks in the facade surrounding the windows and there were pieces missing, that could only have fallen to the sidewalk below.

I was worried about someone getting hurt, and our City currently doesn’t have that kind of money, Lord knows. Most of all, this was a building that had been around for quite some time, and figured into Lorain’s history, and to see it sitting there empty, is a shame.

But, the reason for this follow-up is that something is being done to the building. It’s not necessarily being repaired, right now anyway, but at least it’s getting some attention so that no one will be hurt.

 A protective mesh is being attached to the building, with the west facing of the hotel already completed.


So, to whomever made the call to get things rolling, I really appreciate it. Now if we could get someone to do something productive with this building.

Anyone have any ideas?


5 thoughts on “Fixing History

  1. Spitzer’s are actively looking for a buyer for the property. In the mean time given the veiled look of the building I guess we could say that the building is veiled as a bride and actively looking for a groom.

  2. Denise,

    I was hoping for that, too. But, not knowing why Spitzer closed it, or what his intentions were for the property, I had to pose that question.


    Thanks for the heads-up. I’d heard he was waiting for something to happen in Lorain to open it up again. Glad to hear he’s ACTIVELY shopping it.

  3. Oh Gary I hope Lorain does get what happens usually on the wedding night re the Bride and Groom…… my son did an ad campaign where they project holograms on the side of the buildings which would show what was inside or what it could be…. since we have a screen??????????? 🙂

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