I Found It

My wife (I’m gonna blame her this time) has a sweet tooth, and loves the Dove chocolates. I snuck one the other day, while thinking through a whole ton of stuff. I unwrapped the chocolate and popped it into my mouth, and just before I chucked the wrapper, I looked for the message inside.


Wow. Answered any questions I may have had. 

I’ve made reference to the Word of Mouth blog a number of times here. Without the opportunity to blog there, and to get my feet wet, I’d have never dreamed of doing this photo blog. For that, I’ll be eternally thankful to Scott Bakalar.

Time moves on, things change, or in the words of an old friend, “Poop occurs.”

As folks find their niches and new directions are taken, people part ways amicably. In my case, I still feel some things were left undone, words unsaid, projects in need of completing. There were some items and issues I wanted to undertake in this new year, planned for WoM, and now, I’ll be doing here. 

While I never officially announced this blog on WoM until recently, I never really got a ton of traffic through here. There are some wonderful folks out there that have listed my site on their blogrolls, and for that I’m thankful beyond words. But when a close friend started her blog, she was inundated with visits the very first day! I believe she mentioned that she had x number of visits to her blog the first two days, which was over half of what I’ve had here, and it’s been almost a year!! Jealous? No. Envious? Heck yea. But Loraine’s been writing for a long time, and has a following that is much deserved. So, I wish all the luck in the world to Loraine and her ‘That Woman” site. She will do very well.

Back to my sisheeayshun and my unfinished projects.

I wondered whether to hang it up, and just shoot for my Flickr site, and for my personal enjoyment. I could spend more time with my kids, do stuff around the house that I’ve been meaning to do. And after a while I realized, I need to keep at it.

My kids are growing, and it’s not going to be cool or rad to hang with Dad much longer. They’ve got more friends with a variety of interests, and I do plenty of stuff here around the house and yard already without dedicating more time to it. So, it’s time for something different.  Besides, there’s some unfinished business around town that needs attended to, and I want to do my dangedest to be a part of that.

This blog will be taking a somewhat different direction in the future. I’d taken on the task of Downtown Lorain during my time with WoM, the history of it, and unfortunately, the decaying of it, also. I’ve worked with City Hall getting buildings inspected, and those that were dangerous, cited. One was razed a short time after an article that I wrote. Power of the printed word, I guess.

So, besides the occasional pictorial, I plan on working some projects covering events and such in and around the City. I hope that I can get the same cooperation from the city that I’ve received in the past, and help Tony Krasienko get this city back on its feet. Here’s my farewell that I posted on WoM.

Will this blog remain as the LCPB? I don’t know. If I find success with this added agenda, I may redo the site under a new name, as it won’t just be a photo blog anymore. Time will tell, but for now….

I think I found my passion.


3 thoughts on “I Found It

  1. Henrey,
    I wish you the best my friend. I had a lot of fun “sneakin” the chair into council chambers and hog tying the mayors chair with you.

    I don’t know if you are up to it, but maybe the Police Chief would be able to put a holster and some cuffs on the chair was wearing them to arrest the first person for our new jail/ holding facility? I know, goofy.

    Again, best of luck my friend and have fun,


  2. Brian, I am always up for more ‘sneakin’ and if the Chief is game, you know I am.

    You and I need to hook up soon, and I definitely owe you a phone call. I’ll be in touch soon.

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