It’s Pretty White Out There

…as opposed to ‘It’s A Pretty White Out There…..

Living in Northern Ohio, just a hop and a shuffle from the beaches of Lake Erie,  means that, not only can I expect snow in the winter time, but, depending on where it comes from, dictates whether we taste “Lake Effect Snow”. I don’t think there was any Lake Effect in today’s snow, but there was plenty of it.

And to top it off, I don’t know if you want to call it pure stubbornness, an uncaring attitude to Mother Nature’s wrath, or just the fact that I like to cook (eating’s not bad, either), but in the midst of this ‘blizzard condition’, I had the grill fired up cooking ribeye steaks, and teriyaki-marinated chicken breasts.

I didn’t die from the experience, so that’s a plus. And I’ve got food to feed the ‘fam’ today and some to take in my lunch this week.

So, of course, while I was out there, I HAD to have my camera. What else am I going to do while I’m waiting to turn the meat? Shovel??? Ha!! (I’d already done that.)

So, hopefully, you’re somewhere warm when you look at these. If you’re not, grab a bathrobe or blanket, you may need it.

And a quick shout-out to Buster over at Buster’s House, for mentioning this site once again, and the compliments on my pics. I hope Santa brings you an extra-large steak bone, Buster!!! Thanks!!








6 thoughts on “It’s Pretty White Out There

  1. Enjoying viewing the photographs of Lorain in the snow. What streets were photographed?

    I was born and lived in Lorain for 33 years; graduating from Lorain High School in 1966.

    I remember the great Blizzard of ’78!

    Since 1981 I’ve lived east of Cleveland in the beginning of the “snow belt” where “LE”, lake effect, is the normal rather than the exception. I can tell you there is a difference between Lorain and east of Cleveland in the Winter so be thankful that Lorain has yet to join the club when it comes to lake effect!

    Keep up the great work with all of the wonderful photographs on this site!

    Linda Jean Limes Ellis

  2. Thank you for providing location of the general area.

    Keep up your great photography of Lorain. There is so much history to capture on camera!

    I think someone needs to take more photographs of the “Broadway Building” as it seems to be crumbling quite badly!

  3. The local “powers that be” just simply cannot continue to sit on their hands with the dangers and risks these crumbling donwtown buildings pose.

    Below are a couple of web sites that can offer some help hopefully.

    You’re absolutely right, if for no other reason alone, maintaining the safety of those walking and driving near these deteriorting buildings has to come first and addressing this issue cannot wait.

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