The Schoepfle Children’s Garden

After having wandered Schoepfle Garden today, I cannot begin to imagine what it looks like with all of the flowers in full bloom. I also cannot wait until Spring to go back and see. The Children’s Garden is having its Open House September 1st – 9th. Beautiful place. Absolutely gorgeous. Hope you think so too!

Hill for Rocky G clef and waterfall

Pond part of the Stream Feature

Keys for A-Maze-ing Piano

A-Maze-ing Piano


Pause Garden (shaped like 8th note)

Sensory Cymbal

Wind Woods           Wind Woods

Wind Woods

Carousel  Carousel

The Children’s Garden looks like a lot of fun. The Carousel, there’s a tunnel in the Rocky “G” Clef that kids can crawl through, a water pump and misters near the waterfall, they can crawl through the Flute-a-Pillar, and a small playground. As with all the Metroparks, there is no admission. The entrance to the Schoepfle Garden is just across the Lorain County/Erie County line, on the other side of the Vermilion River bridge. Just turn left on Market Street, and the Metropark is immediately to your left.

(Click on each picture for a larger view.)


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