Balloon Invitational and Food/Fun Fest

In a previous post, you’ve seen some of the balloons that were at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival. This was just a part of the entire celebration. A short walking distance away, set up around what appeared to be a running track at Stark College, was the food booths, slides and mountain climbing-type stuff, and Moon-Bounce fun-jumpy-thingies (you know what I mean!) were in the middle, and at one end was a stage for the musical entertainment.

The plan, had it not been ruined by the weather, was to have 3 sky-divers jump in, which they did, followed by a number of hot air balloons, floating into the field. Threatening thunderstorms, and a tornado-watch a county away put the kaibosh on this. 70 balloons were expected, and what they were to do, as they came in, was to get as close to a post in the middle of the field, and try to swipe a ribbon that was hanging high up. If they caught it, they won $3000. There was a total of $19,000 that was to be awarded through various competitions.

With the evening competitions canceled, all that was left was a balloon-glow, where the balloons would inflate, and would light their burners, in a musically choreographed program.  Here’s the video that I shot:

The next day, since the competition was canceled the previous night, they were going to try it again. Because of poor visibility, they kept the balloons on the ground, and let the public walk around and talk to the pilots, some of whom actually had trading cards of their balloons, since most were corporately sponsored.  All in all, even with the weather, my family and I had a great time. There are other balloon events around the country over the next few months, with one in New Mexico that is to have 700 balloons!!! So, hope that explains enough, below are some of the shots of the food/fun fest to give you an idea of what they had. I am going to contact certain powers-that-be and see how interested they are. If you happen to enjoy what I’ve shown you, please feel free to say so, as I’ll forward any comments to the commissioners, too.






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