That “Something Different” Thing – Thanks Scott!

I’ve been working. A Lot. Back and forth between day and night shifts. With barely any time off in between. (Sorry to 8itch, this isn’t what this site is for, I know.) But last night I had two beers to help me sleep, while I was uploading the pics I shot last night. Between being tired, and in a hurry, and those two beers making me sleepy, I did something wrong, and the pictures did not layout like I wanted them to. Frustrated, I deleted first one, and then the rest because, like a sickness, each successive picture fell victim to the ‘layout virus’. So, I left nothing but the commentary up, and in a fit of frustration, I left the comment that no one comes here anyway.

Well, I would like to thank, my friend and my editor/boss over at The WoM Blog, for making a liar out of me. Someone other than myself actually comes here. So, Scott, with my apologies for inadvertently dismissing you, and for not having anything new for you to look at on your visit, I’ll add some extra ones.

Thanks for all of your help, all of your offers of help, and for your inspiration that makes me want to be a part of The WoM Blog. It is truly an honor. 


Together II

Building Castles in the Sand...




Passing On the Secrets


4 thoughts on “That “Something Different” Thing – Thanks Scott!

  1. Henery,
    I LOVE coming to this site. Please keep posting pictures and believe that there is a purpose to what you are doing here. I get so inspired when I look at these pics. I have directed many people to this site and they have ALL been in awe of how beautiful you have captured the people and places of Lorain County and beyond.
    Thank You!!

  2. Wow.

    Thank you both so very much! I haven’t been able to do much more playing with this site due to my work schedule, other than trying to post pics on a semi-regular basis. I’d invited a number of other local folks to post their pics, as they had great talent and I wanted to show it locally, other than Flickr, and some who didn’t have a Flickr account. Maybe they thought I was going to reap something from their pics, but nothing could be further from the truth.

    I know that local entities are looking for pictures of the area, locally and county-wide, and are stepping up attempts at marketing Lorain County, and all that it has to offer.

    Thank you both, Scott and Keri, for the motivation boost, as I now know that there are other folks coming here, besides just Mom and Pop! LOL

  3. Love the site and the beautiful pictures… most of these should be copyrighted on a tourism site.

    I find your different angles of secondary nature and take back seat to the COLOR…

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